Consigner URLs without IDs 👊
Consigner URLs are now setup to work without ids:
Bulk Edit Inventory ⏭
You are now able to bulk edit inventory straight from Frontflip. Go to the Inventory Tab -> Find and click Bulk Edit in the top right corner.
You are able to bulk edit the following fields:
  • Fee ($)
  • Fee (%)
  • Price
  • Taxable
  • Status
  • Consigner
If you'd like to see more fields you can suggest it at
Moving from Shopify SKUs to Metafields
Frontflip now uses Shopify meta fields to connect, sync and detect inventory changes. This means we no longer will update inventory SKU with Frontflip inventory, barcodes. The only modification made on variants is the barcode field is populated with the next to sell inventory id!!
Inventory SKU ✅
You can now control variant SKU on Shopify, via Frontflip Inventory SKU!!
Multi Quantity Support in Shopify 🎉
Frontflip now automatically calculates the quantity from same-priced variants and pushes it into Shopify!!
Search Revamped
Products, Consigners and Customer searches have been improved. More search improvements to come
Get Shopify Formatted CSV
You are now able to format Frontflip Products + Inventory to Shopify Product CSV! Explore it here:
Product Templates Updated!!
Product templates are now directly editable from the settings and will change all products with a particular template, with one click.
*** Changes to add new options or changing option names will require you to refresh your Shopify Products by uploading a Frontflip CSV. Get CSV here: